Sunday, September 27, 2015

Google becomes part of the ‘Alphabet’

Google is undertaking a massive restructuring process. Is Google aiming to consolidate it’s position as an industry giant and is it ready for the challenges ahead?

For most people Google is just a search engine.  It all started 17 years ago as a research idea by two Phd students, with their first servers set up hastily in a garage.  In all these years Google expanded, the company acquired other successful ventures such as Youtube, created analogous services such as Gmail and the Android operating system but also managed to diversify from virtual services into real world applications such as self driving cars, medicine and life extension technology. 

What is BYOD and why is it reforming the workplace?

Companies implementing a Bring Your Own Device policy are perceived as innovative and younger, but do the risks outweigh the benefits?

Many ICT departments, especially ones on low budgets, find it difficult to keep up with the latest hardware and technology innovations.  On the other hand, most tech-savvy employees especially the younger generation buy the latest laptops, tablets and smart-phones.  Some companies are introducing a BYOD, Bring Your Own Device policy at work to allow employees access over corporate servers using their own personal electronic equipment.