Sunday, September 15, 2013

Open All Hours -Fifty billion apps in just five years. What's next for the App Store?

Published on the Sunday Times (TechSunday) 15th September 2013

Fifty billion apps in just five years. What's next for the App Store, asks Ian Vella. 

This year Apple is celebrating five years since the launch of its App Store. In these five years, an astonishing 50 billion apps were downloaded and used on Apple devices - this has generated a total revenue of $14.3bn, of which 70 per cent was paid out to developers.

Apple CEO Tim Cook described the achievement as "truly staggering' and, per-haps with a bit of gloating thrown in, said that the App Store fundamentally "changed the world". Apple launched the App Store on July 10, 2008, just a day before the iPhone 3G was made available to the public. At the time, only 500 apps were available and most were developed in-house. Five years later, you can download more than one million apps - that's no mean feat, considering that Apple uses stringent criteria including usability and reliability before allowing developers to upload applications or games on the App Store. , Apple also ensures that absolutely no adult material makes it on the virtual store after the late Steve Jobs, during the iPhone launch, proudly declared : "We do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone," before adding: "Folks who want porn can buy an Android phone."

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Getting a fake fan - Can money buy you friends on Facebook

This article written by Ian Vella appeared on the Sunday Times Tech-Sunday (14th July 2013)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

We like Facebook - Are the Maltese fixated with facebook?

The Maltese have always been a friendly nation. But are we getting too friendly on Facebook?

Article written by Ian Vella, Published on the Sunday Times (TechSunday) 14th April 2013

"53 per cent of Facebook users in Malta are always connected, even when they are away from home"

Although Facebook does not publish any official statistics about its used demographics, we can still get a good idea of how many Maltese are on this so-cial media platform by using Face-books advertising system. This online platform allows any-one to design an advert and target a particular demographic. Facebook can cater for such needs and will supply statistics about the amount of users that can be reached. Facebook advertising system can also be used to see how many people in Malta are on Facebook. 

The answer is astounding - 216,100 Maltese users are registered on Facebook. These are almost equally split into 104,120 females and 109,520 males - the remaining 2,460 do not specify their sex in their profile. With regards to age distribution, the younger generations are the most active on Facebook, with 25,720 Maltese users under the age of 18.