Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Internet Traffic


Published on the Sunday Times (TechSunday) August 2011 edition

The traffic we are going to talk about is not the one we experience every morning on our way to work, nor is it the trading of some illicit substance, but rather we will be talking about the importance of increasing the number of 'visitors' to a website and how to achieve this on a small budget.

It has already become a standard for every small business or self employed to own a website and display it's url on business cards and stationery.  Some of these websites may be quite elaborate and may have even cost the businessman an arm and a leg.  

However one has to pose the question - what good is a static website that receives only minor traffic.  The more traffic a website manages to attract, the more conversions (The amount of sales registered as a result of an online presence) it will achieve and the happier it's owner will be as his profits plummet.   However most small businesses do not understand this, they are more than happy to say they are also selling online but neither track how much sales they are achieving via their online presence nor they do much to attract more 'traffic' to their website.  

SEO is another buzzword which has found it's place in modern dictionaries, simply stated SEOor search engine optimisation can be defined as an effort to increase a presence in the search engine results such as google or yahoo.  Perhaps we can take an example to understand this better, let's imagine a small local shop owner who has invested in a website.